Imagine a world in which every politician is concerned with your well-being.

Join us as we train a new generation of incorruptible political leaders
and propel them into office.

We’re changing politics from the inside out.


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The Incorruptibles identifies, trains and supports ethical political leaders who are swimming against the current of corruption so they can restore power to the people.

Our Values

All people have certain inalienable rights including healthcare, education, clean water, a healthy environment, an equal vote in free and fair elections, and equal justice under the law. Because all people are created equal, we believe it is the duty of the government to provide the above rights equally to all people in our country to the best of its ability.

Our Beliefs

“A nation is judged not by how many billionaires and millionaires it has but by how it treats the most vulnerable people among us.”
— Bernie Sanders

All elected officials hold power over others by the nature of their job. We believe that both power and money corrupt, and that even good people can be corrupted by these influences.

What We Do

Incorruptible candidates are not born. They’re made.
Before we can support progressive candidates, we have to
arm them with the know-how to fight back and win.

We have a year before people declare their candidacies for local offices. During that year, we will build a 3-part curriculum to train candidates and we will grow our ranks in preparation for running grassroots campaigns around the country.

Phase 1

Build a 3-part curriculum for our candidates that includes:

  • The history of corruption in America and how it unites all our cause.
  • The systemic changes necessary to bring back democracy that should be every politicians #1 job.
  • Strategies for staying true to your values while navigating the halls of power and winning re-election.

Put together a network of great political leaders and organizations to be advisors available to train our candidates.

Grow our national team and grassroots teams in anticipation of propelling our candidates into office.

Phase 2

Recruit & train potential candidates who will declare to be Incorruptible.

Vet, select and endorse candidates across the nation who uphold Incorruptible ideals and policies to fight corruption.

Build momentum for Incorruptible candidate’s campaigns at local and national levels.

Provide ongoing support for Incorruptible candidates once they are elected to office, so they can pass laws that promote equality and justice.

Join Us!

Volunteers who join us will have every opportunity to take their own ideas and run with them, because we know that the best people to accomplish a task are the ones who came up with it.  We are looking for volunteers who want to help (re)build a movement that can not only create tomorrow’s leaders, but win elections for many years to come.